Create A DivorceAndRenewal Toolkit

With the combined wisdom of an experienced family law attorney and a skillful licensed psychotherapist and divorce coach, you will be invited to create your own personal DivorceAndRenewal Toolkit. The DivorceAndRenewal Toolkit is designed especially for you and crafted to move you forward toward your new life.

Sample Toolkit Items:

  • Tips, techniques and practical solutions you can use immediately to ‘jumpstart’ your new life.
  • Create a roadmap for personal and family healing
  • Discover the essential financial ‘do’s and dont’s’ every woman must know
  • Learn proven communication techniques to get what you want
  • Explore the ‘10 Essential Tips for Co-Parenting Before, During and After Divorce
  • 10 Obstacles to healthy relationships

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Please be advised that DivorceAndRenewal,, and all related enterprises, do NOT provide either legal advice or therapy of any form; DivorceAndRenewal, and all related enterprises will, however, offer learning and educational opportunities.

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