Betsy Ross, LICSW

Betsy Ross, LICSW CGP

Betsy Ross’s training in three different specialties – as a licensed psychotherapist, divorce and transition coach and as a mediator, have provided her with a large repertoire of tools to choose from when helping clients transition out of marriage toward a more successful future. For the past 20 years, Betsy has helped individuals, couples and families to fight less, talk more, and improve their ability to solve problems via improving their communication and relationship skills.

Ms. Ross has provided seminars and workshop series at the Harvard Medical Center, the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, and Boston College’s Graduate School of Social Work on topics relevant to couples, individuals, and families. Betsy is also a frequent blogger on marriage, divorce and family related issues at The Patch, and a co-writer of the Huffington Post Divorce Blog.

Betsy’s work also includes providing training to master’s level social workers in divorce coaching and collaborative divorce as she particularly enjoys teaching other therapists and counselors how to transfer their clinical talents into effective coaching skills.

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